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Specialty Items is an American leader in hair products - wigs, hair extensions, hair accessories, hair care and apparel. We take the cost out of purchasing the goods that matter to consumers and give back the joy of quality hair care products. Privately held and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company was founded in trust by several hair care specialists and enthusiasts who want to help families find the products they need online in a secure and safe environment. As with many situations we can only get better with feedback from our customers. So, we welcome your comments. Featured Products

Mindy is long,  100% Human Hair, feels incredibly soft and can be styled just like your own hair. You will definitely be a goddess with this lush style.
Wig Cap Weave Human Hair (Nia)
List Price: $124.42
Our Price: $113.11
Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig - Chandra
Synthetic Hair Half Wig Weave (Sheba)
List Price: $41.24
Our Price: $37.49
The Lady Bee features all over layering for a classic elegant style. It comes in 100% finest Remi Human Hair and ideal for those who always want to be "on-the-go."
Wig Cap Weave Human Hair (Lady Bee)
List Price: $69.42
Our Price: $63.11
Wig Synthetic Wig Swirl & Curls - Bella
Wig Synthetic Wig Swirl Plus Curls (Becky)
List Price: $42.61
Our Price: $38.74
You don't want to pass up this Remi Human Hair cut. From the perfect length, to the most natural cap construction available, Ms. Essie is ideal for those who want to look very stylish.  Wear it straight, wavy, curled, or up the look is entirely up to you.
Wig Cap Weave Human Hair (Ms. Essie)
List Price: $433.11
Our Price: $393.74
Human Half Hair Wig - Lynn
Human Half Hair Wig (Leslie)
List Price: $151.24
Our Price: $137.49